HAL, crypto trading strategies by experts.

Welcome to HAL.

We provide easy access to a wide range of advanced strategies, designed by professional quants. Select strategies, switch in seconds, simply follow your performance.

Only for €19.90 / month to access all our strategies.

Keep in mind that crypto is volatile and capital is at risk.

What is HAL trading?

HAL (formerly Napbots) makes advanced crypto trading effortless. We provide instant, easy access to automated strategies and indexes designed by professional quants. It’s dead simple: connect HAL to your favourite exchanges, pick your trading strategies, monitor results on a single dashboard.

Save time.
Trust world-class experts.
Stay in full control.

No matter your level of experience, you know making the smartest moves takes a lot of time, from decoding markets to triggering the right trades at the right time. With HAL (formerly Napbots), access an extensive list of automated strategies in minutes, allocate funds and simply track their performances.

A fair unique pricing.

  • HAL costs only €19.90 / month, regardless of the amount you’d like to trade.
  • You can trade up to $100,000 on HAL, always for €19.90 / month.
  • You’re free to stop your subscription whenever you want.

Straightforward setup. Effortless usage.


Connect the exchanges you’d like to link to HAL.


Choose strategies and allocate funds.


Monitor your strategies, performance and results through the all-in-one HAL dashboard. That’s it.

By your side throughout your journey.

Starting with HAL, you’ll discover our comprehensive guides for you to set up your allocations, deep dive into our strategies and make them work with your crypto. Overtime, you'll receive exclusive content made by experts to continuously step up your game.

A question, or need for support? The HAL team is on hand to answer all your questions within 24 hours, in English and French. You will never be left alone.

Experts since 2014.

HAL (formerly Napbots) is backed by CoinShares, the oldest and largest digital investment fund in Europe.
With HAL, CoinShares aims to simplify and democratise access to these complex and sophisticated trading strategies.

Our mission is to expand access to the digital asset ecosystem by pioneering new financial products and services that provide traders with trust and transparency when accessing this new asset class.

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