This article was released before Napbots became HAL and covers previous evolutions of the platform. Refer to our latest articles for fully up-to-date content on HAL by CoinShares.

Expert crypto trading strategies for all. Since 2018, Napbots has provided traders with advanced strategies, ready to apply on their exchange. CoinShares acquired the platform in 2021, and a new version of Napbots was launched in June 2022. Aimed at all trading enthusiasts, whether they are new to crypto or more experienced, Napbots V2 offers new trading opportunities, more flexibility, greater transparency, and a simpler design. Let’s take a tour.

HAL improvements

New Investment Opportunities

Traders turn to Napbots because they are looking for a well-researched platform featuring advanced algorithmic trading strategies. As a trading enthusiast, you don’t want to be limited to just a handful of crypto or approaches, but take advantage of a variety of strategies. Napbots V2 features new trading opportunities, providing you with a wide choice and the freedom to customize your strategies by setting the maximum amount to dedicate to each one and the leverage to be applied.

HAL crypto trading strategies

Source: Napbots, CoinShares – Past performances are not a reliable indicator for future performance. Capital is at risk.

Coming soon: dynamic indexes grouping several crypto within a single asset. Dynamic indexes are a hypothetical portfolio representing a particular market or segment. They rebalance the proportion of assets composing them weekly, by buying the best performing cryptos and selling the worst performing ones.

Some indexes group crypto by theme (Flagship Blockchains, DeFi, Metaverse & NFTs, Interoperability, Layer 2, Web 3.0 and more) to attain diversified exposure within a specific asset family, while others gather crypto that are not thematically related.

To capture the trends and opportunities offered by the market, Napbots analysts will review the assets composing every index each month. 

The team is hard at work developing these indexes to offer traders even more strategies. We will let you know once they are ready for you to adopt!

More Flexibility

Napbots V2 is designed to serve all users, regardless of their location, exchange, or trading profile.

The platform is currently available in English, French, and German. It is 100% responsive, meaning it is as easy to navigate on mobile as it is on desktop. Napbots supports several crypto exchanges, including Binance and Kraken.

This taste for simplicity and ease of use is also reflected in pricing. There are no subscription tiers or hidden costs: you only pay €19.90/month to use Napbots, regardless of the invested amount – you can trade up to $100,000 on Napbots.

Greater Transparency

Napbots V2 provides more visibility to its users, with several features designed specifically to that end. Traders using Napbots V2 can rely on these tools to have a better view of their trades and benefits/losses. 

Once you have selected the strategies to apply to your funds, you can monitor the associated profits and losses over several time periods (from daily to yearly). You can switch easily between strategies should your trading profile evolve in terms of risks and rewards. 

HAL strategy

Source: Napbots, CoinShares – Past performances are not a reliable indicator for future performance. Capital is at risk.

Finally, a single graph in the dashboard displays the evolution of your entire portfolio over time, clearly depicting global performance.

Better Design

The platform has been completely redesigned to guarantee a fun and comfortable experience for all users, both on desktop and mobile. You will never feel lost thanks to a simpler architecture, a sidebar indicating your location on the platform, and extra tutorials for each page.

HAL dashboard

Source: Napbots, CoinShares – Past performances are not a reliable indicator for future performance. Capital is at risk.

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Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of all the money you invest. In particular, crypto-assets are a highly volatile and speculative asset class. Napbots is only suitable for traders who are willing to bear the risk of loss and experience sharp drawdowns. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

The purpose of this material is to provide objective, educational and interesting commentary and analysis on developments in the crypto-assets sector. Nothing in this material should be interpreted as constituting an offer of (or any solicitation in connection with) any investment products or services by any member of the CoinShares Group where it may be illegal to do so. Access to any investment products or services of the CoinShares Group is in all cases subject to the applicable laws and regulations relating thereto.