Monthly Market Wrap Up by HAL - October 2022

What happened on the crypto market in October: a recap

Bitcoin (BTC) and other top cryptos exhibited an uncharacteristic lack of volatility in October.

Following a month that was mostly bereft of wild market action, crypto finished off October a bit higher, ahead of what may be an action-packed November. The bullish late-month trading action in BTC and in ETH may have been partly driven by a short squeeze in the market.

Adding to the recent hike, a pullback in U.S. Treasury bond yields during the closing week of October also helped Bitcoin and other cryptos rally ahead of a likely Fed rate hike in early November.

BTC is up by almost 6% in October while ETH reached +18%.

Monthly Market Wrap Up - BTC & ETH over October 2022

How did HAL strategies perform in October?

Best performers

Wise: DOGE with +55.69% (vs +105.66% DOGE). The strategy was able to catch the spike of DOGE on October 25.

Pulse: ETH with +15.32% (vs +18.36% ETH) benefited from the end of month ETH rally and erased its first losses from the October volatility crash.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pick with +13.66% (vs +5.5% BTC). The strategy got long on ETH both on 23 and 28 October and caught the ETH uptrend.

Worst performers

Wise: BCH with -5.83% (vs +4.17% BCH). It suffered from a lack of clear trends on BCH.

Pulse: BTC with -5.34% (vs +5.5% BTC) was too late in opening long positions and missed the BTC end of month uptrend.

Wise: MATIC with -3.45% (vs +16% MATIC) suffered from false signals and was late getting long at the end of month.

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