To help you keep on top of your allocation’s performance, we regularly publish reviews for HAL’s strategies. This article will provide an in-depth look at Wise: MATIC from June 23 to September 23. 

Wise MATIC crypto trading strategy performance

What’s Wise: MATIC?

Wise: MATIC is a long-term strategy that trades on MATIC, the Ethereum token backing the Polygon Network. A daily signal triggers a buy or neutral decision – as all Wise strategies, Wise: MATIC is a long-only strategy that never goes short. It is designed to capture positive trends on MATIC, by exclusively taking part in market upsides and switching to neutral when the market starts to trend down. 

How did Wise: MATIC perform? 

The market is returning to low valuations on BTC and ETH, as a result of global economic turmoil and aggressive monetary policy. The Fed is rising interest rates to curb inflation, which further adds pressure to risky assets. 

Wise MATIC crypto trading strategy performance 3M

Wise: MATIC performance for the past 3 months is +34.25%. This is a clear rebound since the beginning of the year which has been rather neutral (+1.81% Year-to-date for the strategy) because of noisy volatility, showing no clear uptrend.

How did Wise: MATIC achieve this performance? Thanks to its long exposure, it partially benefited from the strong 82% rebound of the underlying asset between July 6 and August 16. It then turned to neutral on August 16, right before MATIC’s drop. 

Wise: MATIC vs Underlying asset

MATIC token exhibited a strong resilience against the negative backdrop of the crypto markets, reaching a +20.02% performance over the last 3 months. 
Wise: MATIC outperformed its underlying asset by 14.23%, as its performance for the past 3 months is +34,25%.

Wise MATIC Performance vs Underlying asset


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