Automated crypto trading 
strategies, ready to use.

Access a variety of crypto trading strategies designed by professionals, 
operated automatically by bots for you.

Keep in mind that crypto is volatile and capital is at risk.

Enter a relieving, 
comprehensive way 
of trading crypto, all based 
on expert strategies.

Connect your selected bots in seconds.
Access multiple expert trading strategies.
Always stay in control.

HAL(formerly Napbots) is compatible with the world’s most popular exchanges. Simply plug and play through API, trade automatically, enjoy significant time savings.

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Remember to trade responsibly and only with a budget you can afford to lose.

Trading involves a lot of risks, including the possible loss of all the money. In particular, cryptos are a highly volatile and speculative asset class. HAL is only suitable for traders who are willing to bear the risk of loss and experience sharp drawdowns. Also remember that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Learn about the risks.

Here’s how it works.

After joining HAL, you’ll be invited to choose automated trading strategies based on bots, to which you’ll allocate funds.

What happens next? The bot is in your hands: it will do the work for you and place orders based on its associated strategy that you selected.

Four simple steps to get started.


Select and connect your crypto exchange(s) to HAL via API key.


Select the strategies you’re interested in. HAL will trade on your behalf with the funds located on the exchange(s) based on the strategies you selected.


Allocate your trading budget on the selected strategy as you wish.


Access your dashboard to follow up your results, re-balance your strategies as you like.

Frequently Asked

HAL is currently compatible with Binance and Kraken. More trusted exchanges will be added over time, so check back soon.
Over 30 cryptos are available to trade with HAL. You can currently trade with ETC, ADA, NEAR, BTT, ALGO, LINK, RVN, XTZ, HOT, ZRX, QTUM, MANA, MATIC, ONE, ZIL, ICP, SOL, ICX, WAVES, ATOM, NEO, DOGE, BTC, XRP, BNB, BCH, UMA, CELO, EOS, FTM, LSK, XEM, XLM, VET, GRT, AAVE, AVAX, CRV, SUSHI, GRT, THETA, CHZ, ENJ, DOT and KSM.
That isn’t a problem: your position will be closed in the next trade window. Please note that the trade will reflect market conditions after your allocation change, which may be different from the situation when you signaled the change.
To see how each of the bots you have selected is performing, just click the ‘bots’ tab in the application sidebar.
You can modify the budget you’d like to allocate to each strategy at any time on your HAL dashboard. Changing your allocation won’t affect your subscription price: HAL always charges €19.90 / month.