Advanced automated crypto trading strategies, fully accessible.

On HAL, you’ll find a panel of automated trading strategies designed by our team of quants at CoinShares.

HAL crypto trading strategies are fully automated, placing orders for you on your exchange.

Keep in mind that crypto is volatile and capital is at risk.

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Our trading bots

Through HAL (formerly Napbots), you’ll access a variety of active trading bots following strategies divided in four types:

  • Wise, long-only strategies designed to take advantage of an upward market trend and switch to neutral in bearish momentums
  • Pulse, aggressive long-short strategies aimed at benefiting from both upward and downward trends over periods of fluctuations
  • Dynamic, which combines and balances multiple strategies together to allow for greater or lesser exposure on various assets and trading typologies depending on market conditions
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pick, which aims to pick the probable best strategy on a daily basis and benefit from momentums.
Trading bots actively make moves on the market, 24/7: they take positions on an hourly, daily or weekly basis using advanced indicators designed by our team of professional quants.
Thanks to your chosen bots, you place orders automatically, taking the hassle and emotion out of trading, saving your time and maximising efficiency with professional trading algorithms.
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Our indexes - Coming Soon

Access a range of dynamic indexes based on multiple underlying assets. Our indexes are groups of assets curated by our experts. In other words, an index is a combination of different cryptocurrencies, packed in a single asset: they are long term strategies similar to spot buying a set of cryptos over time. You will soon be able to access three indexes on HAL:

  • Index: Blue-Chip, which encapsulates the performance of the most prominent blockchains.
  • Index: DeFi, with a select of promising coins in decentralized finance.
  • Index: Metaverse-NFT, designed to benefit from the Metaverse, NFTs & P2E ecosystems.
While being more passive trading solutions than our trading bots, indexes are nonetheless dynamic: they rely on human and artificial intelligence to rebalance underlying assets & strategies.

Get exposed to your favourite coins through our strategies.

Make an informed choice of strategies among
 a comprehensive list.

Easily consult the performances of all automated strategies over time as well as their detailed technical characteristics. Rolling period till D-1 UTC with snapshot done at 12pm UTC using Cryptocompare to source the prices. These are gross performances and do not include exchange trading fees or slippage. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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